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What is the method of using lemon for the skin?

What is the method of using lemon for the skin?

What is the method of using lemon for the skin, lemon is one of the types of citrus fruit, has shown practical research in recent years its importance in human health, especially it contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and essential oils, as recently spread the importance of lemon in skin care and in this report we learn about the importance of lemon for the skin

Method of using lemon for skin

Skin lightening

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so it can help lighten and lighten your skin when used over time, vitamin C is an antioxidant and increases collagen production, it also helps lighten dark spots.

Works as a skin

Mix a few drops of coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice to soften the skin.

Lighten the elbow and knee

"If the elbows and knees are visible, simply rub them with half a lemon,” says Patrice Coleman, owner of DaBlot Beauty. “It's like magic!”.

Prevents the appearance of acne

Lemon contains antibacterial, it can help treat acne, put a slice of lemon and squeeze the juice on your face, blackheads will begin to fade before you know it.

Antiseptic works for the skin

 Mix a few drops of lemon in water, dipping cotton pads as a cleansing wipe for the skin

Teeth whitener

Mix sodium carbonate and lemon juice, apply it to your teeth toothbrush then use your toothbrush to rub your teeth and rinse them, it's way cheaper than going to your dentist's office.

Lip Scrub

Put a little lemon juice on your lips before bedtime, and wash it in the morning to help remove dead skin cells and dried skin.

Reduces skin pigmentation

Thanks to its vitamin C and citric acid ingredients lemon works to treat skin pigmentation, for quick results use lemon with other powerful skin whitening ingredients such as papaya, aloe vera, cucumber and licorice.

Cleansing oily skin

Lemon has a unique ability to remove excess oil from the skin, and can be used as a deep lotion for oily skin

Treatment of dandruff

Lemon works to cure dandruff effectively, all you need to do these steps to get rid of dandruff naturally, put 5 to 10 drops fresh lemon juice with 5 tbsp of coconut oil and massage it into your scalp. Leave it overnight and wash your hair the next morning to remove all traces of oil.

Fight the signs of aging

By applying lemon to the skin, dead skin cells are removed and the skin regenerates thanks to vitamin C, it fights the signs of age within 3 months .

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