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Where is vitamin B17?

Where is vitamin B17?

Where there is vitamin B17, vitamin B17, known as “Laetrile”, belongs to the group “Glycoside”, found in the seeds of almonds and apricots, was isolated and first discovered in 1830, and is commonly called “Amygdalin”, which can cause toxicity to the body as a vitamin.          

What are the benefits of b17 is?

He has the ability to attack the disease through the production of white blood cells, which helps in strengthening the immune system, it also helps in relieving inflammation of the joints, and invigorate the body and flush out toxins from it, it also protects the heart muscle of blood clots.

Vitamin b17 and cancer:

Scientists that eating 7 atoms apricot day is sufficient for the Prevention of cancer, so the conducted research about vitamin b17 sources such as apricots, first used in the treatment of cancer in Russia in 1845, and in the early twentieth century, the United States use it again, revealing the author Edward Griffin's “G. Edward Griffinn”, through his medical book “a world without cancer” on how this vitamin works and its role in preventing cancer or destroying its cancer cells, can be obtained through Amazon.

One woman with cancer nominated the book for those who want to recover from the disease, stating: “the only period when my cancer declined, when I was under the influence of B17, and when I stopped taking it because of my fear of the” cyanide“in it, the cancer returned."

Sources of vitamin b17:

It is found in a lot of food especially fruit seeds, such as plum, peach, apricot, pear, apple seeding, it is also found in whole grains such as wheat and barley, and in nuts such as cashews and bitter almonds.

In some legumes, such as red and black beans, green beans and chickpeas, it is found in some fruits, such as berries and strawberries, and some vegetables, such as spinach.

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