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You know what your face looks like and the one that fits it.

You know what your face looks like and the one that fits it.

Of course it is not easy, because I have been through the same thing before and I know how difficult it is, as well as how it plays a big role in influencing the psyche and confidence of women, so through our site "AGI tapfid" we will give you some tips and information that will benefit you about the hijab rolls that fit the shape of.

But first try to determine the shape of your destination, by standing in front of the mirror, then measure your face and compare it with the following results :

  • If the length of the face helps to measure the cheek, your whole face is circular.
  • If the forehead is roughly equal to the jaw, your face is rectangular.
  • If your cheekbone is larger than your forehead, your face is Oval.
  • If the forehead is larger than the jaw, your face is triangular or heart-shaped.

Now that you know my face shape you choose for your lap that suits him depending on The Shape of your face. :

Triangle face: for the owners of this type of face it is better for them to choose loose wraps with must wear a tightly fixed veil because it highlights her wide forehead and this we do not want, but it is better to cover the forehead so that the chin does not look rather wide compared to the forehead.
 Oval face: the owners of this type of face are lucky because this face fits all types of rolls , but try not to wear more than one veil roll, otherwise all rolls suit you
 Rectangular face: if you enjoy the rectangular face, try as much as possible to highlight your cheeks because they increase the size of the face slightly and give it that full appearance, and also try to wear a veil under the veil in a dark color and then highlight it from under the veil until you reduce the length of the face, but.
 Round face: this type of face is suitable for all types of rolls, and they have many choices while wearing the subtraction, they can wear the cover under the veil or not, and they can highlight the cheekbones or not, all choices are available to them, it is the perfect shape for all types of different rolls .
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