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10 foods for bright skin in winter

10 foods for bright skin in winter

Foods for fresh skin to resist poor hydration one of the main causes of dry skin in winter, according to Harvard Medical School, the outer layer of the skin tends to reverse the degree of moisture around it, so when the humidity is low in winter ( especially during the cold months), so is the moisture in the skin.

Eating and cooking foods rich in fatty acids ( such as fish rich in omega 3 and 6, seeds, and nuts) can often help the skin's natural moisture-protecting function.

Foods rich in antioxidants also help, bright and colorful vegetables and fruits contain free radical resistant substances that enable the skin to repair damaged cells and resist wrinkles. In addition to foods rich in vitamins such as a, C and E, they help maintain healthy and better looking skin.

1. Almonds

Crunchy little nuts (technically made from seeds, not nuts) that are a great source of vitamin E that keeps the skin hydrated, gives it youth, and radiance during the summer.

2. Carrots

Radiant skin can be maintained with carrot snacks, as it is a great source of vitamin A that strengthens the outer layer of the skin, helping it protect itself from bacteria that cause skin defects.

3. Dark chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate, made up of 60% cocoa or more, help keep skin hydrated.

4. Flax seeds

An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid, especially for those who do not eat fish.

Can sprinkle flax seeds on oats, salads or vegetables and can help keep the skin radiant and wrinkle-free.

5. Green tea

It maintains a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin, as it contains catechins that help the outer layer to regenerate itself, the benefit of tea can be increased by rinsing it with Masha, which is made by grinding the whole leaves of green tea, which means getting all the benefits available.

6. Oysters

An important source of zinc, a mineral that helps skin cells repair themselves, the skin always continues to repair itself, and zinc plays an important role in maintaining healthy and radiant skin.

7. Salmon

A popular source of protein among those interested and competent, for the important reason, that it has a lot of health benefits, it is a great source of essential fatty acids and B vitamins, and this mixture keeps the skin healthy, hydrated and radiant.

8. Kiwi

A sweet treat that helps fight wrinkles, this delicious green fruit is more rich in vitamin C than Orange, which means smoother and younger skin.

9. Spinach

A home ingredient for flaky skin, it contains vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidants, and omega-3 which helps keep skin hydrated.

10. Sweet potatoes

Its orange color comes from beta carotene, an antioxidant that the body converts into vitamin A, meaning that eating more sweet potatoes helps keep skin brighter and smoother.

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