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10 of the benefits of olives for the human body

10 of the benefits of olives for the human body

The benefits of olives from a generous, blessed, long-lived tree that lives for thousands of years the form of fruits varies when mature from black and green and other hybrid varieties and studies and archaeological discoveries indicate that the pharaohs were interested in the cultivation of the olive tree and benefited from the therapeutic properties of it and its clothing and had a great religious sanctity and was used among Arabs as an important pharmaceutical element such as ointments and paints of nature, where they were exposed to constipation and expulsion of worms from the stomach, and enter olive oil in some industries such as leather tanning and  Making soap, which is one of the best and finest types of cooks for the body:

What are the benefits of olives?

  1. Boiling his leaves stops gangrene.
  2. Olives are rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium magnesium, sodium-sulfur phosphorus, iron, and other important compounds that affect the health of the human body.
  3. Olives promote fertility and reproduction
  4. It's an anti-toxic that protects cells from diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's.
  5. Contains a beneficial oleic acid to protect the heart
  6. Olives have many healthy properties.
  7. Avoids anemia because it contains iron
  8. Maintains immune system during oxidation and chronic viral diseases
  9. Eating olives before a meal reduces appetite as it slows down digestion with unsaturated amino acid mules
  10. Olive oil is of great importance as it is a treatment for liver laziness and also helps reduce cholesterol
  11. Olive oil is a very important treatment and nutrient for hair and skin
  12. Nowadays, olives and oil play an important role on our tables.

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