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3 drinks that help deep sleep

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Drinks that help to sleep are the best that we can eat in the evening, because healthy and orderly sleep is one of the biggest manifestations of Health and activity support in our lives, and in the regulation of the functions of organs in our bodies, to work inefficiency and strength on the restoration of the body and expel toxins and fight diseases and support To calm and stillness to stimulate our relaxation, go to sleep and prevent insomnia.

Cherry and vanilla juice

Cherry is a substance rich in melatonin, which causes drowsiness, and melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body, which is secreted when the eyes are dark, but its production may be impaired in some as a result of fatigue, fatigue, and insomnia.

And vanilla is not just a flavor, it is a soothing substance in its composition and aroma, so we can add drops of vanilla extract to the cherry juice.

And our insomnia will disappear after days of swirling on the juice 2 hours before sleep, as a result of regulating our sleep cycles by specific hours, with a feeling of Morning Recovery.

Chamomile and lavender

This tea combines the most comfortable herbs for the body in terms of stimulating them to relax and feel calm.

Chamomile contains sedative substances whose effects are related to the brain receptors and nervous system in our body, making their effect similar to anti-anxiety and insomnia drugs.

Lavender or lavender are soothing scents that have been used throughout the ages to stimulate relaxation, and recent studies today have shown their clear effects on brain waves consistent with drowsiness frequencies.

Decoction of chamomile is prepared with a teaspoon of chamomile and a teaspoon of lavender, with a glass of milk.

Warm milk

Warm milk is a good idea to stimulate sleep, due to its heart-boosting properties, which in turn stimulate relaxation and drowsiness, and is a good idea to stimulate sleep and healthily regulate time in children.

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