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3 foods that affect the brain should be consumed in moderation

3 foods that affect the brain should be consumed in moderation

We all know the damage of steroids, painkillers, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, so what about foods do they cause chaos in your head?There are foods that affect the functioning of the brain must be avoided sometimes, moderation in eating .

Chili Peppers

The five tastes are salty, bitter, sweet and sour, so where is spicy?  It's actually just a brain trick?

Capsaicin in Pepper, Gives it a spicy taste.

Capsaicin's arrival in the mouth causes irritation with one of the proteins.

The pain receptor neuron alerts the brain to hyperthermia, which is a false alarm.

And the brain doesn't know the temperature difference. :

Sweating, tears, runny nose, followed by waves ( endorphins ) to relieve pain and ( dopamine ) to relax the body.


Natural and artificial sugar is rich in glucose, which our brains rely on for energy.

But we know sugar is linked to heart disease, diabetes, high pressure, premature aging and obesity is it addictive?

Sugar is like cocaine and heroin, stimulates our brains to release ( dopamine ) for happiness

Overeating leads to desensitization, requiring higher and higher doses to produce the same dopamine for fear of depression

Researchers in Australia have shown that prescription drugs used to treat addiction can be used to treat sugar addiction.


Cause disorder but positive improves feeling

Because they contain substances that cause happiness, such as caffeine and theobromine, so they are prescribed for people with depression. 

 It also contains endorphins that are pleasurable to the Body, Like You Feel Love, which explains its use as an aphrodisiac.

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