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3 ways to maintain kidney health

3 ways to maintain kidney health

Maintaining kidney health lies in several reasons behind the disruption of the work of the kidneys, including causes outside the human will such as age, genetic factors, and if you are worried about your kidneys getting sick, you can do some things to support their work, and protect them from diseases, such as losing weight, changing your diet, and drinking herbal tea.

Ways to maintain kidney health

1.The first method

Make changes to your lifestyle.

- Stop smoking.

Smoking increases the risk of kidney disease and other health problems.

If you are a smoker, try stopping or reducing smoking to avoid kidney disease.

- Less alcohol.

Drinking two types of alcohol for more than twice a week, can-for kidney damage kidney.

- Underweight.

The increase in weight can reduce the level of kidney function, because it makes their work more difficult, so if you are overweight, try to decreased, consult a doctor, there are several ways to record it like drinking yogurt, exercise, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits.

- Increased activity levels

Exercise more, it activates the work of the kidneys, so be sure to do some exercises daily, even if walking for half an hour, because this will help improve your health, and if it is difficult for you to exercise for half an hour continuously, divide it by two quarters of an hour, or 10 minutes on 3 times.

2.The second method

Make changes to your diet

- Drinking more water water is essential to protect the kidneys from stones, and contributes to improving kidney function. - Eating a moderate amount of protein too much protein can strain the kidneys, so try to moderate the amount to keep the kidneys healthy.

- Reducing the amount of salt also causes excess sodium problems for the kidneys, so avoid food that is too salty, and ready food.

- Choosing low-fat foods eating low-fat food helps protect the kidneys, heart and arteries.

- Limit the amount of phosphorus in case of kidney disease, try to reduce the amount of phosphorus you eat, such as meat, dairy, and ready-made food.

- To watch the amount of potassium is important to maintain a proper balance of potassium, so try to avoid or food containing potassium, bananas, oranges, dairy products, wheat bread, etc.

3.The third method

Eat herbs.

- Consult a doctor is important before eating any Herbs, Herbs will improve the health of many body systems, but you should not eat them in case of kidney diseases.

- Drink tea types that support the work of the kidneys by adding one of the types of herbs to a cup of boiling water, and leave it for 5-10 minutes, such as dandelion leaves, parsley and others. - Stop taking herbs in case of any adverse side effects.

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