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4 fat-burning drinks before bedtime

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Fat-burning drinks many of them can be in our diet as an aid in burning fat and removing the accumulation of it around the abdominal area, and we can observe their amazing results after regular maintenance, as well as their digestive support benefits, free of extra calories, and we can prepare them with simple ingredients found in every kitchen .

Cucumber water, ginger and lemon

Water is one of the best supporting substances for weight loss, due to its effective properties in improving digestion, raising metabolism, ridding the body of toxins in the intestines and kidneys .

Japan has traditionally improved the process of fat burning by drinking warm water, and we can increase the efficiency of water in burning fat calories by adding cucumber slices to it or by adding a few drops of lemon juice or grated ginger to raise the body heat on fat burning .

Mint syrup

Peppermint is an important herb in helping the stomach absorb and drain fat, it has a diuretic effect in removing accumulated toxins, peppermint also acts to relieve the appetite causing overeating with meals, as well as its significant benefits in oral health and breathalyzer resuscitation .

Pineapple shake

The pineapple bromelain enzyme improves the digestion of proteins in the body to reduce stomach bloating and abdominal enlargement, we can add linseed oil to the pineapple shake to increase the effectiveness of nutritional digestion, and we can mix pineapple with berries and oranges to increase the efficiency of the drink healthy .

Green tea

Green tea is effective in burning accumulated body fat due to its polyphenols, along with the effectiveness of tea in lowering cholesterol and psychological stress, and protecting teeth from viral infections .

Green tea is recommended before exercising, but avoid excessive drinking of green tea, some studies have suggested it may be related to raising eye pressure .

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