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4 important tips before eating dried fruits

4 important tips before eating dried fruits

Dried fruits are a rich source of vitamins and sugars beneficial to the body, as they contain substances that supply the body with great energy, and also benefit in the treatment of blood pressure, and very rich in fibers that resist constipation, but these tips should be taken into account before eating dried fruits to maintain health, so more than that turned against it.

Tips when eating dried fruits:

1. Soak with hot water

Soaking dried fruit with hot or warm water for 20 minutes before eating it helps get rid of preservatives used to dry the fruit, which can cause health problems for people with respiratory diseases

2. Replace regular fruits with dryer if you are obese

Instead of eating fresh fruit, eat 3 pieces of dried fruit if you are obese, i.e. try not to eat fresh and dried fruits by one pan so as not to increase blood sugar.

3. Eat 4-6 pieces per day

This amount of dried fruit daily helps get rid of constipation and may sometimes be useful for bariatric treatment while not eating sweets or mixing dried and fresh fruits

4. Keep it away from moisture

Dried fruit is perishable if exposed to humidity or high heat, so always keep it in clean and sterile glass jars and away from moisture or direct light

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