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4 ways to strengthen immunity in winter

4 ways to strengthen immunity in winter

When winter comes with seasonal diseases also a cold, flu, so you should pay attention to your health and support your immunity to this virus, and instead of taking medication, follow these simple guidelines and effective to improve yourself and provide the owner, and in case you are pregnant or suffer from any symptoms of illness and recommend that you consult with your doctor for the product :

1.Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep plays a key role in maintaining your health, and the lack of stress and lead to infections, and ranges good sleep hours between 7-9 hours a day, and between 13-14 hours for young children, so enhance your health by getting enough sleep and enjoy the benefits.

2.Get your nerves under control

Physical stress produces hormones that have a negative effect on your immune system, and your social tension or isolation leads to your exposure to infections, according to an Ohio University study.

So consider following a strategy to control your anxiety as much as you can, exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and spending quality time with your friends, will boost your immunity.

3.Properly fed

Nutrition has a very important role to play in strengthening the immune system, protecting you from disease, and evidence has shown that poorly fed people are more susceptible to disease than those who follow a regimen.  Nutritionally balanced.

So you need to focus on the inclusion of nutritious food that protects you, such as vitamins, minerals and others.

Among the foods you should be eating (unless you're allergic to them):

- Vegetables with leaves, especially spinach, turnips, tomatoes, peppers, cooked mushrooms ( and do not eat chopped mushrooms, because some of it contains carcinogenic substances), berries and strawberries, which are an important source of polyphenols.

4.Take vitamins

Take vitamin D, which is called The Sun vitamin, it is generalized to the health of the immune system, and its best source is sun exposure.

And if any reason impedes you from getting the required amount of this vitamin by exposure to the sun, we'll list some important sources for you to consider:

- Eat more effective vitamin 3D sources than 2D

- Omega-3: fish oils are the most important source of omega-3 fatty acid as well as vitamin D.
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