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5 foods to improve bad mood

5 foods to improve bad mood

Your feelings, my dear, are not complex and not vague, but they are the result of the chemical and physical effects you are exposed to, which may seem irrelevant, but the opposite is quite true. The type of food you eat and how you eat it is directly related to your mood, so check out some foods that make you happy.

The most important foods that help improve mood:

1. Chocolate

This wonderful dark substance takes you out of depression and relieves you of stress, because it contains antioxidants that make you feel anxious. Melt some chocolate in a small bowl and add frieze that makes sugar levels stable and resist irritation. It's true that chocolate improves your mood, but that doesn't mean you can overdo it to avoid not gaining weight, there are limits to everything good.

2. Seafood

Omega-3 fatty acids are a reward when eating delicious seafood, which protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease, improves immunity and relieves joint pain. These foods also improve mood and help you overcome neurological problems such as depression and Alzheimer's, which are rich in vitamin B and minerals such as zinc and magnesium.

3. Fruits

Each fruit type has an important role to play in raising your mood, and focus on important ingredients such as vitamin B and folate that stimulate the amino acids producing serotonen that get you out of a sour mood.
Fruit also avoids seasonal diseases, keeps you in control of your nerves, protects you from anxiety, stress and anger, and adjusts your mood that leads to a healthy body.
Try half a bowl of yogurt with any available fruit.

4. Nuts

Agreed between all types of nuts is to give you energy in a short time, but it is also an important source of omega fatty acids. A few nuts make you stronger in the face of bad moods such as anger and anxiety, give you energy, slow down carbohydrate absorption, and cut your appetite for unnecessary foods.  When choosing nuts, it is preferable to stay away from buying them from stores as they contain a double percentage of oils and sugar.

5. Low-fat dairy products

When eaten, you'll be happy all day long as it's a rich source of dopamine and nupriphrine found in protein, and it contains vitamin D, B, magnesium and zinc minerals. Eat dairy in every way, drink, eat, wrap it in bread, or cook it.
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