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5 main reasons to play pilates for beginners

5 main reasons to play pilates for beginners

Pilates sport is famous for being a highly desirable sport by the category of women and its lack of practitioners from the category of men, and this is considered a misconception in many societies. Pilates Sport carries many benefits, both physical and psychological, due to its holistic effect, which combines the effect of yoga, respiratory therapy, correction of breathing control, temperance, improvement of balance and relaxation techniques, in addition to its tangible results in strengthening muscles, increasing mobility, rapid weight loss and obtaining a flexible and slender body, as well as sculpting and lengthening muscles and relieving aches and pains.

"Men may think that Pilates is easier for them than women and may not have as many benefits as weightlifting or other stressful sports, but in fact Pilates works to strengthen stable muscles that, if neglected, can cause severe pain as the entire effort will become on the body's main muscles.”

"Most of the world's athletes now place as much importance on the secondary muscles as on the main muscles, as they see a significant impact on their overall performance and long-term results.”

Thousands share 5 key reasons why Pilates is important to men:

Internal strength of the body:

Each Pilates exercise focuses on moving the underlying parts of the body in order to strengthen the limbs of the body. Pilates also move the abdominal muscles in the stomach area, which are the six-pack muscles that most men want to have.


The rule states that the larger the muscle, the less flexibility so Pilates work to stretch the muscles and thus prevent injury and strain of the muscles as well as increase the range of movement of the body.


Pilates strengthens muscles and increases muscle elongation and flexibility for a healthy, balanced body with strong and flexible muscles.

Strengthen neglected muscles: some may do exercises that strengthen one group of muscles while others are neglected, so Pilates in turn strengthens muscles that are not focused on weightlifting, for example.

Awareness and cognition:

Pilates forces its practitioners to focus, awareness and cognition, where the self must be focused while doing each movement properly.

In addition to strengthening muscles and enhancing body balance, Pilates promotes weight loss and injury management, The Real Pilates studio in Dubai has seen a growing demand from men, specifically those with varying injuries. Pilates is also a neuromuscular training system in the sense that it works to enhance the physical and mental capacity of the body in order to use the right muscle at the right time during daily activities.

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