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5 symptoms of health problems in your body

5 symptoms of health problems in your body

Symptoms indicative of health problems in your body, attention to the health of the skin, skin, nails, hair and eyes shine, reflects our beauty, but the desire of doctors today is headed to focus part of this attention to beauty to what we try to hide, as a signal and language our body tries to communicate with us to tell us that there is


Trying to hide it is as important as trying to pay attention, that it is probably the result of a malfunction or disorder in the body. Acne on the chin: reveals a lack of hormone levels. Or PMS or pregnancy or perhaps stress and strain, and his presence on the forehead guide poor digestion, nutrition, imbalanced intake of harmful oils and foods warm. Or liver and kidney disorder. Support your food with fruits and fiber for healthy digestion. And consult your doctor.

Excess facial hair in women

 It is normal but unusual if it is sudden and intense it is an alarming signal of ovarian syndrome (polycystic) or that it is an increased secretion of male hormones, or stress, and heredity also has a role in this, and weight gain may increase the development of PCOS. You should quickly consult a doctor for medical intervention .

Hair loss

It may be a symptom of health problems, or blood pressure medications, poor nutrition, hormonal changes and genetic factors. Diabetes and immune disorders such as SLE (often a disease of women) and stress factors are a cause . Baldness is symptomatic of those with polycystic ovary syndrome. A doctor should be consulted with balanced meals, the use of herbal hair products.

Pale or chipped nails

Pale or chipped nails with spots are an indicator of anemia, they are usually light pink, but pallor with white spots is a cause for concern for vitamin A and E deficiency or iron and zinc deficiency. But the presence of red spots, or clicking and lines may be an indicator of kidney disorders, psoriasis and genetic diseases.

Dark circles

 One of the reasons for staying up and working long in front of a computer screen, but its continuation after sufficient sleep, is evidence of sleep and breathing disorders during it, the indicator of some chronic diseases, allergies, or it is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun . The irregular presence of gels with dry, painful skin that has been scaly for a long time is a sign of a cancerous lesion (actinic keratosis) . A doctor should be consulted.

We may try to beautify ourselves from the outside, but we ignore what our body tries to tell us.

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