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5 Tips for Increasing Women's Proven Fertility

5 Tips for Increasing Women's Proven Fertility

Increasing women's fertility is an issue that has always preoccupied women, especially those who want to start a family and have children, and in this topic a specialist doctor gives us important advice on women's health and increase fertility .

Prevention of osteoporosis

Take measures to prevent osteoporosis by eating a calcium-rich diet, exercising weight and strength, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, quitting smoking, avoiding medications that contribute to low bone density and conducting blood tests to detect medical conditions that contribute to low bone density, in addition to practicing balance exercises to avoid falls.

Healthy lifestyle

For women who have increased fertility, I advise them to adopt a healthy lifestyle before planning to conceive.

Integrative medicine

Useful to include Integrative Medicine in necessary cases. Guests are often referred to our team of experts including nutritionists, exercise physiologists, energy or touch therapy experts and acupuncturists.

Aerobic exercise

It's important to discover the exercises you enjoy doing and actually practice them until they become boring for you. Once you find those exercises not pleasant, move on to other exercises. As a positive motivational step, try doing these exercises with someone else, whether it's your personal trainer, family member or friend.


Reduce any obstacles that prevent you from doing those exercises. For example, always bring a range of sportswear and sneakers to the work desk to use when needed. If you're at home, change your clothes immediately to sportswear in the morning to seamlessly remember to exercise.

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