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5 tips for sitting right in front of the computer

5 tips for sitting right in front of the computer

Sitting right in front of the computer is the health of your grandmother dear employee if you are a long-time owner, where everyone wants to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle interspersed with exercise and healthy meals in order to get a healthy body, but some may find it difficult to achieve this while working long hours may extend from nine in the morning.

Michelle Scott, general manager of Real Pilates studio, says: "We offer a set of key tips for people who work long hours to get rid of the harms of long sitting and make the best use of working hours for our bodies.

Sitting method

The daily sitting position carries many dimensions on our bodies if the sitting position is based on laxity without straightening the back, this would increase the risk of back pain that may develop to cause hernia or discus, as it may affect concentration, digestion and high blood pressure, so you should sit in a way that straightens the back.

Long sitting

Sometimes the problem may not be sitting in the wrong as much as it is in long sitting, I've endured this year to damage many of the body, including damage, both physical and psychic, such as stress, depression, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

How to sit

As for how to sit the next way, Scott says that you should sit close to the desk table so that the feet are flat on the floor and the knees are at the level of the bottom of the pelvis by a small amount. The wrists and elbows should also be at a comfortable angle so that the shoulders remain comfortable without much effort on them. For the computer screen, it must be eye-facing and slightly above the level of vision so that the eyes do not look down all the time.

Permanent movement

Avoid sitting for too long is essential, so you should move every 20 minutes even with simple movements such as stretching the body, spine or arms and you should walk at least every hour even for a small distance around the desk or while talking on the phone, walking can be recalled by setting an alarm every while.

Says Scott: “many suffer from long working hours, which may extend for hours, but be careful heavily on the Enduring Freedom, albeit simple. Try moving or stretching while sitting on the bench if you don't have time to get down or walk every hour. In addition to eating healthy foods, fast food is more harmful with lack of movement and rapid digestion and can cause diseases that can be avoided in a simple way.”

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