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5 ways to clean your colon naturally

5 ways to clean your colon naturally

Cleaning the colon is important because a clean colon is necessary for good health, and when it is filled with residues and toxins you will not be well, because toxins will leak from the intestinal wall and spread to the rest of the body, causing diseases.Constipation is one of the biggest health problems at this time, with most people eating low-fiber and high-fat food.So we will offer you several home remedies to clean your colon.

The most important ways to clean the colon naturally :

1- Starting with fiber.

Eating fiber-rich food twice a day will improve bowel movement and is a nice way to clean your colon.

2- To get rid of toxins with ash

Available in liquid form in most stores, this ash expels residue along with toxins in an exceptional bowel cleansing process.

3- Take yourself a shot of coffee.

Prepare a cup of strong coffee without additives, let it cool, pour it into a syringe, put it in the anus and leave for two or three minutes, then throw it out.

Caffeine will constrict the muscles of the colon leading to word Everything Is there.

4- Use the psyllium shell.

It is a fiber that relieves indigestion and expels residues from the colon out relatively quickly. And you can put it in desserts or pastry.

Initially use two teaspoons, and if you don't do it, raise the amount to an extra spoon, and continue using it until you get the desired result.

5- Drink herbal tea.

 It works as a gentle laxative, when your bowel movement needs light help to function well.

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