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6 foods that cause infections of all kinds be careful when eating them

6 foods that cause infections of all kinds be careful when eating them

 Foods that cause inflammation set off a lot of alarms around because it's a major cause of direct infection of the body as diverse as eating large amounts of sugar, fried food, full of high-fat decaying, and other types of foods must be careful I have dealt with .

So we will introduce 6 miraculous food sources, which should be careful when approaching them.

1. Agave ( American cactus)

According to experts, sugar suppresses the activity of mononucleosis, which makes us more susceptible to diseases such as flu, cold, etc., in addition to cancer.

Excessive sugar intake can cause collagen fibers to lose strength, make the skin flabby and vulnerable to sun damage, in addition to the appearance of wrinkles, and others.

2. Frozen yogurt

Yogurt has two causes of inflammation: sugar and yogurt.

Milk can support insulin and male hormone levels, and it is known to be allergenic, which means that it is the cause of diseases from diarrhea to urticaria, but not all frozen milk has the same degree of inflammation, there are types containing casein ( cheese protein), which means increased inflammation, and there are other types containing certain properties that can effectively relieve inflammation, and some frozen yogurt may not contain any

3. Rye and barley

These healthy and delicious grains may not cause the same sugar spike as refined carbohydrates, but they can escalate inflammation in some people, and the cause is gluten.

So if a person is allergic to gluten, taking the pills may expose him to tissue inflammation،

4. Seitan (wheat gluten) Seitan

Gluten, as mentioned, may attack the immune system, cause inflammation of the intestinal tract, which leads to constipation or bloating in some people.

5. Nuts

Allergens and allergies cause a lot of inflammation in the body and also make it susceptible to fungal infections, which in turn cause inflammatory reactions.

6. Formed spices

It gives a delicious flavor to food, but spices contain artificial colorants that disrupt hormone function and cause inflammation.

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