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6 information on the health of elegant nails

6 information on the health of elegant nails

We can easily take an impression of a person's state of health by looking at the condition of the nails, when their growth requires 6-12 months this indicates how long he has been sick, and in the case of biting the nails we recognize the mental state, also the lack of color, lines and bends, all indicators of poor health, so the health of the

These are some of the common problems that affect the nails.:

1. Fission of nails

Nails may be prone to bending, breaking, flaking, which gives a clear danger signal, to age or lack of vitamin A, or over-apply paint, or remove, and to avoid this let them breathe a little by taking away lotions and washing dishes, when the condition worsens should consult a dermatologist.

2. Yellowing of nails

Nails become yellow when there is fungus, seashell, excessive smoking, or paint and coloring, and dipping them in a denture cleaner can help remove stains. Nails should be taken care of when these conditions are present and not neglected so that they are not difficult to treat later.

3. White dots

Undoubtedly, the RID of the white dots is a difficult task achievement, because the cause is exposure to red, the least you must let it flourish length, The grew well were it otherwise indicated deficiency of calcium or feeding gas sound

4. Dark vertical lines

Dark lines are often observed on the nails, which means a deep impact on the base of the nail, and usually appear in people with dark skin. When seeing any new variable lines should consult a doctor for suspected skin cancer such as malignant melanoma.

5. Concave nails

Nails may take the form of a concave spoon, which often indicates iron deficiency, heart disease or hypothyroidism, and in some cases due to lack of blood access. A blood test is preferred to be sure.

6. Thicken the ends or (finger swaddling) 

This condition occurs when inflammation of the fingertips, indicating a lack of oxygen in the blood or lung cancer. This condition also has to do with inflammatory bowel diseases, cardiovascular diseases, liver, and AIDS.

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