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7 foods rich in vitamin D

7 foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important to the human body and the strength of its bones, so where can we get it? "Vitamin D is very important to our bodies that can be obtained through exposure to sunlight, and those who do not get enough of this vitamin are at risk of premature death," specialists say.

A medical journal identified the amount of vitamin D needed for the human body at 600 IU per day, as well as the need for exposure to sunlight for at least 15 minutes, so that the body could install vitamin D.

 It is foods that contain vitamin D


Some studies indicate that three ounces of cooked salmon contain 447 units

From vitamin D, adding this amount to our favorite flavored meal provides a good amount of this vitamin. Like it, the rest of the cold-water fish, such as sardines, mackerel and sawfish, are contained.

2- Canned tuna:

Three ounces of it provides the body with 154 units of vitamin D, this tuna can be eaten as a sandwich or a delicious salad that sings lunch table

3- Mushrooms:

Naturally it does not contain a large amount of vitamin D, but after exposure to sunlight its proportion rises, depending on the amount of light exposed to it, ranging from 400 to 700 units. When purchasing mushrooms, read the attached leaflet to see how much vitamin is in it. The delicious flavor we get by adding mushrooms with eggs or fish is no secret.

4- Fortified milk:

A glass of fortified milk provides 115-124 units of vitamin D, and here we should also read the written on the box when you buy it to choose the item that contains the amount of vitamin we want.

 5- Fortified orange juice:

One cup of this juice we eat with breakfast adds 137 units to our daily vitamin intake

6- Milk:

A delicious fast meal rich in vitamin D that provides us with 10-30% of your body's daily need, depending on the type we choose, and is currently present in different flavors and varying vitamin D amounts, making it necessary to read the attached newsletter.

7-Fortified grains and fortified oats:

Vitamin D-fortified oatmeal provides a good amount (154 units) of vitamin D and does not harm the diet, while the pills contain a smaller amount of 40 units of vitamin.

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