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8 healthy daily chores

8 healthy daily chores

After seeing its unexpected health benefits, you will change your outlook on home chores: washing dishes, arranging beds, wiping dust, and other activities that relieve stress, promote happiness, and protect against heart disease.

1. Dishwashing: relieves anxiety and nervousness

Reduces anxiety and nervousness by 27%, especially for those who do the job attentively (focuses on the smell of soap, feels the heat of water, touches dishes). A recent study found that 51% of people who do not take it too deeply do not benefit to the same degree.

2. Wipe the dust with lemon cleaner: be happy

According to a 2014 Japanese study, the smell of citrus adjusts the mood, by spending ten minutes inhaling it, as it has pathological effects on relieving anxiety, nervousness, depression, anger and fatigue.

3. Morning bed arrangement: increases productivity

Starting your day by arranging the bed reflects positively on the rest of your actions, and is associated with increased effectiveness and self-confidence, and you will have a comfortable night's sleep, more than those who leave their bed in chaos.

4. Outdoor patio cleaning: protection from heart attacks

 A Swedish study of 3,800 adults found that people who self-clean their home and outdoor patio are 30% less likely to develop heart disease and strokes than those who do not.

5. Getting rid of kitchen clutter: weight loss

A recent study showed that people who are not organized at home are 77% more likely to be obese. People who organize their homes and kitchens reap unexpected benefits such as weight loss without the need for diets.

6. Mowing the lawn: more fun

Doing refreshing lawn mowers releases chemicals that make people more fun and comfortable, Australian researchers have discovered.

7. Growing flowers and vegetables: less depression

A Norwegian study of people who had experienced various depressive conditions showed that after several months of spending six hours a week gardening, they had decreased symptoms of depression, and their good mood continued long after the experiment ended.

8. Doing routine business with a spouse: a better life

According to a 2015 University of Alberta study, a man's contribution to various jobs reflects positively on the relationship between spouses and removes tension and bitterness if he is lax. 

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