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8 Important Tips for oral and dental health

8 Important Tips for oral and dental health

How many of us really understand that oral and dental health is an integral part of oral health care? Aside from being a solid foundation that embraces teeth, gums also play an important role in determining the condition of healthy teeth as neglect of proper care exacerbates oral health problems. Himalayan herbal gum experts in collaboration with Dr. Munther Al Hirani offer us 8 Easy Tips for a healthy, healthy mouth.

1-Gentle massage: did you know that gentle massage of gums and teeth soothes and helps to get healthy gums healthy? Yes that's absolutely true! The circular movement of the toothbrush when cleaning is beneficial not only for the teeth but also for the health of the gums. Take the necessary measures to heal and prevent your mouth before it is too late and adopt a natural treatment using toothpaste types that contain toothpicks and Acacia, which have proven to be very effective in treating many oral problems such as bleeding gums, oral ulcers and others.

2-Oral care kit: the toothbrushes and the tongue are just as important as the toothpaste you use. Bacteria accumulate in toothbrushes the longer they are used and over time become more harmful than useful if they are not replaced with a new brush. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush that provides a gentle circular massage that cleans your teeth without hurting your gums, and replace your toothbrush every 3 months to prevent oral problems and diseases. Be sure to constantly clean your tongue with a special abrasive brush so that the cleaning is from the back to the front and by applying 5-15 movements at a time to get rid of residues and deposits stuck in the tongue that adversely affect oral health. Complete Care Toothpaste also acts as an effective protective barrier in preventing tooth decay and decay. Finally, complete your care program with mouthwash that eliminates germs and bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease while maintaining healthy gums and healthy teeth.

3-Choose the right food for a healthy mouth: consider how long the mouth is exposed to various types of food and drink during the day, so it's no wonder how important food is and how it affects oral health. It's not just about choosing the right quality of food, it's about how long these foods stay inside the mouth. Whole foods, lean proteins and fresh vegetables are highly nutritious not only for the body but also for the gums, so having these superfoods in your diet enables you to resist and fight diseases in a healthy and natural way. Add pineapples and papaya to your diet, which are natural foods and ideal for gum prevention because they are rich in vitamin C and have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, eating some cheese at the end of your meal (such as Swiss cheese or any kind of aged cheese) helps to get rid of plaque and food particles stuck between the teeth, which means less plaque and therefore strong gums and durable teeth.

4-No sugar: avoid sugar to protect your gums and teeth. Sugar hides in a lot of foods and products so we recommend reading the ingredient label on the product to check them before buying. Refined foods have a higher sugar content than other ingredients in the product and come under many labels such as glucose, sucrose, evaporated cane juice and others. You can choose one of the types of sugar-free chewing gum to clean and fragrance your mouth 20 minutes after eating.

5-Have coffee and tea to keep your mouth healthy: yes, that's right! Sugar-free coffee helps prevent tooth decay by enveloping the teeth with a protective layer that protects them, as well as green tea helps fight infections in the body and gums because it contains antioxidants that keep the gums and teeth healthy.

6-Give up cigarettes and get to know the tea tree: quitting smoking enables you to avoid the risks of periodontal lesions and dental problems as well as it makes your life better off. Do not wait if it's too late to refrain from smoking and take the tea tree as a friend for your health. The tea tree oil is one of the best sterilizers natural. Let your gums a few drops of tea tree oil to eliminate bacteria and lesions of the gums before it's too late.

7-When brushing your teeth: do not brush your teeth after eating, at all. Waiting for 30 minutes after a meal allows the tooth enamel to regain its hardness after being weakened by acids from eating and this protects it from abrasion during the brushing process.

8-Visit the dentist regularly: last but not least, visit the dentist regularly at least once every 6 months to have healthy gums, strong teeth and a beautiful smile.

I said gum care is the main cause of most problems related carefully to fail. So we should not ignore the gums after today! For more tips on gum care, log on to the Facebook page of Himalaya Arabia herbs for a 21-day intensive Gum Care course and Dr. Munther will provide medical advice on gum care.

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