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9 habits that successful people do in the morning

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The habits of successful people who do not miss the owners of achievement and creators, because lifestyle is one of the most influential factors on the body and its functions and the way it interacts with activity, health, immunity, disease, and cancer, some research centers of psychosocial medicine have classified common habits in fufadha among people and are in the following order :

Wake up early

Where early awakening supports health with balance and calm, because the body can store the emotional state to which it Awakens, so we must support our morning with positive thoughts of satisfaction, gratitude, and optimism which strengthens the soul to face problems and diseases.

 According to the Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2009), the achievement rate is higher for people who are early than their parents who are late to wake up.

Open the windows of the House

Opening windows and curtains helps to replenish the air, expel bacteria, enter the sun's activity-stimulating rays and mood-boosting vitamin D, as well as the sun's ability to stimulate the (happiness hormone) serotonin.


Meditation is one of the effective ways to regulate the action of brain waves towards a state of calm called inner peace that aids psychological and physical healing.

Lemon water (deutex)

Morning lemon water is a digestive regulator, immune, collagen, and dietetic booster, with detoxifying antioxidants and free radicals.


Reading stimulates our brains to work, thus raising our morale and our physical and intellectual abilities in the face of problems and diseases, due to the control of the brain on various body functions, some studies indicate the increase in the proportion of diseases with cases of brain lethargy, other research pointed to the importance of brain activation in accelerating the process of healing diseases by increasing.


Morning sports are one of the most powerful forms of blood flow support to increase the production of hormones of happiness and energy and stimulate the burning of calories and fat.


The early morning bath helps to activate blood circulation, which works to strengthen the body, mind, memory, and perception, and also contributes to the treatment of organic and psychological diseases.

Healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast provides our bodies with nutrients, energy, and calories due to the activity of the stomach and intestines to extract nutrients more than their activity at lunch and dinner, and studies have pointed to breakfast as a factor to prevent overeating during the day, thus reducing obesity and obesity around the world.

Cell phone shutdown

Our mobile phones have become like oxygen in our lives, but what if we thought about turning them off two hours in the morning, while we arrange our fruitful daily schedules, and in communicating with parents before indulging in work, social studies have indicated the danger of phones today in the process of social separation.

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