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9 of the most popular foods useful for nerves

9 of the most popular foods useful for nerves

Weak nerves lead to inability to make any effort or movement, and sometimes the body can not withstand movement even if it is very simple, nerve damage is very serious can lead to paralysis or relaxation of the joints of the body, there are foods very useful to strengthen the nerves before the disaster of nerve defect or damage or even weakness and functions of the nervous system, prevention is better than treatment, here are the most important foods that benefit in strengthening nerves

Nerve-friendly foods:

1.Red meat and liver

Red meat contains a high percentage of vitamin B12 and is very important for the health of the nerves and the body in general

2. Dates and all the fruits of the palm tree in all its stages

Dates are foods recommended by the Prophet, peace be upon him, rich in beneficial sugars that help promote brain and nerve health.


Eggs contain a substance called choline that strengthens nerves and the brain and enhances memory.


Lentils treat and prevent nerve diseases, which is called poor meat.

5. Strawberries, Cherries and Berries

This type of fruit contains iodine and helps reduce and strengthens the weakness of the nervous system


Bananas contain high potassium, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, which are very beneficial for nerve health and strength.


Contains a good percentage of potassium


Contains unsaturated fatty acids and a high percentage of omega-3

9. Lettuce and leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables contain high levels of vitamin E and vitamin B that help soothe nerves, increase their tolerance and enhance their functions.
id bihi mohamed


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