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Amazing clove oil benefits

Amazing clove oil benefits

 Indonesia and Madagascar are the home of cloves, which are found in nature as closed pink buds of evergreen trees. Cloves are rich in manganese (126.4%), magnesium and potassium that are included in treatment and protection against osteoporosis, anemia, and pre-symptoms. Menstrual cycle, clove oil benefits in the removal of acne, kills parasites, breakfast, anti-inflammatory, relieves larynx diseases, improves circulation, enhances energy which means that the benefits of clove oil are innumerable.

Benefits of clove oil:

Supports liver, skin, hair and mouth health

We will present the 4 most common ways to use it as a treatment:

1. With regard to skin and acne

Researchers from the University of Buenos Aires have classified the effects of clove oil as an antibacterial, identifying the types of bacteria most sensitive to the effectiveness of clove oil, and according to the study, cloves are the most influential antibody in the face of acne-causing staph bacteria and pseudomonas bacteria causing pneumonia.

As a natural treatment for acne, mix 3 drops of clove oil with 3 teaspoons of raw honey, wash your face with it, and you can also use tea tree oil to wash the face.

2. For candida disease or oral boiling

One of the most important strengths of carnation oil is its ability to fight oral candida disease (an fungal disease that appears in the form of white spots in the mouth and is caused mostly by candida albicans). Two weeks, but it's best done under the supervision of a specialist.

3. Treats dental pain

The use of clove oil as a dental pain drug was first documented in the French in 1640, and it is believed that the Chinese have used it in this field for more than 2,000 years.

Today, the use of cloves is widespread as a reliable drug to alleviate many cases of tooth pain.

Published in 2006, a study found that clove oil has an anesthetic effect and that's why it can be used for children by blending it with coconut oil and rubing gums with it.

Clove oil has benefits even further, according to an Indian study that found it slows calcium removal from teeth more than fluoride and other substances.


Cloves have more antioxidant value than berries, and antioxidants are molecules that reflect the disruptive effect of free radicals that cause cell death and cancer, and research has found that antioxidant slows age, protects the body from bad bacteria and viruses.

So when you add some cloves or oil to your diet it will be good to enhance the level of antioxidants naturally.
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