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Asthma causes and treatment with fish oil

Asthma causes and treatment with fish oil

Asthma disease of chronic diseases but old chronic diseases have become almost rare today thanks to vaccines and the development of treatments, and it is also true for asthma, researchers have found a new treatment for asthma patients through fish oil, containing omega-3, when eating amiga3 decomposes to raw materials prevent inflammation without harming our immune system, and omega-3 is found in abundance in flaxseed.

The causes of the disease

Asthma is associated with heredity.

It is associated with environmental and chemical pollution and smoking.

Associated with allergic diseases asthma patients when they breathe allergens their immune system releases IgE, which releases antihistamines that cause respiratory distress and heartburn.

The study, released by the University of Rochester School of Medicine, states that :

Mild asthma patients

(Non-acute) omega-3 products can alleviate their symptoms, inhibiting the production of (Ige) screen–globulin-immunoglobulin, which produces antibodies that cause asthma allergies.

Patients with severe asthma

Because of their oral steroid intake, and the corticosteroid's ability to inhibit the effectiveness of amiga3, they become less effective.

It is worth mentioning that the steroid treats inflammation and relieves symptoms but does not cure the main cause of the disease, which limits the body's ability to fight asthma-related infections.

The role of sea fish oil

Researchers seek to discover the role of omega-3 in the regulation of immune B cells, the direction of immune creation E with other asthma-causing molecules, by comparing them with healthy and healthy people.

Studies show the effect of amiga3 on reducing asthma-causing antibodies, but patients who were taking corticosteroids both in tablet form and inhaled had their immune cells B less sensitive to omega-3 therapy.


Doctors recommend caution when taking fish oil because it differs from one product to another, in terms of type, quality, purity, and storage.

The study was done using a very pure and effective type called 17-HDHA.

A physician should be consulted when taking any medication and supplements.

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