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Bad habits after food. be careful.

Bad habits after food. be careful.

Bad habits after food imposed by routine habits some dangerous may lead to disruption of our bodies, the health of our minds, and the safety of our digestive system, and that continuing them may develop the disorder into diseases and health problems we are indispensable


The half-hour after a meal is a good idea and useful, but dangerous lies in its timing, the amount change after a meal, leading to acid reflux sense, indigestion, said researchers at the Department of Computer Science and physical exercises in the University of South Carolina, the problem must be after workouts to burn calories.

I don't drink tea or mint

Tea leaves contain a high content of acid, it will affect the protein of the foods we consume, mint contains substances that will open the stomach gate leading to acid reflux, and the continuation of reflux may lead to inflammation and then cancer of the esophagus, because the esophagus is not equipped to receive the acidity of the stomach, better drink tea or mint.

Lack of sleep

Because sleep immediately after a meal leads to poor digestion, may lead to intestinal infection, and also increases the body's tendency to obesity, atherosclerosis.

Don't loosen the trouser belt.

If you wear the Belt, do not loosen it immediately after eating because it causes the intestines to twist, because it causes the abdominal muscles to relax suddenly, so eat in moderation without loosening the Belt, and you have to train your abdominal muscles to be tight and firm to avoid muscle relaxation and flatulence suddenly.

Not showering

The risk of direct bathing after meals lies in making the blood flow go to the limbs more than it is intended for the stomach, leading to digestive disorder.

Stop smoking

Researchers emphasize that smoking after eating is the most harmful, as it increases the development of cancers, and the damage from one cigarette becomes after eating with a 10-cigarette stand.

Do not eat fruits directly

Fruits increase the duration of digestion of meals, thus increasing the duration of access to the intestines and exhaustion of the digestive system, so they should be eaten an hour after the meal and better in the morning

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