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Bad habits lead to bad mood.

Bad habits lead to bad mood.

Depression is usually caused by a number of factors beyond our control, such as loss of loved ones, loss of work, or financial problems. Too small choices taken daily can affect your mood more than you think. Social media habits, regular exercise, and even walking are likely to drive happiness away from you without knowing it.

And these are some of the things that ruin your mood, and what you can do to avoid them.:

1. Sagging when walking

Your emotional state affects the way you walk, but the opposite is also true: in a study that asked respondents to walk with slouched shoulders, a stooped head and slightly moving arms, they found that they experienced more bad moods than were active in moving, and recalled more negative than positive memories.

2. Take pictures of everything

In a study for the Journal of Physiological Sciences, participants were taken on a trip to the museum, some were asked to watch and observe, others took pictures and after a while they had difficulty remembering the items they took compared to those who observed them.

The lens forms a veil before our eyes, without feeling it.

3. Lack of exercise

According to a recent study, when exercising three times a week, the risk of developing depression is 19% lower. Depressed people are less likely to be active, and active people are more likely to develop depression.

4.  Procrastination

Think about your tasks, if you are tired or feel nothing, we can't help here, either if you skip your tasks because they make you anxious or because you fear failure, and postponing them destroys your nerves, you are in a harmful relationship.

Sometimes, it may take years for some to realize that their depression and anxiety are the result of their broken relationships.

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