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Benefits and damages to the sheep's liver

Benefits and damages to the sheep's liver

Sheep liver or lamb black helps raise the blood level of anaemia and contains a large amount of vitamin B12, here are the benefits and damages

Benefits of sheep liver:

  1. Rich in vitamin B12 and rich in iron and therefore helps treat anemia
  2. Contains phosphorus, which in turn protects the teeth, prevents their fall and protects the gums from infections
  3. Helps protect the thyroid gland from inflation and infections because it is rich in selenum
  4. Strengthens vision, improves visibility and helps treat myopia
  5. Helps strengthen muscles and strengthen hair and nails because it is rich in protein
  6. Helps compensate menstrual blood, especially for teenage girls, and compensates for the blood of the breath of the woman
  7. Protects against abnormalities in the fetus if taken by the pregnant woman
  8. Weakens chances of infertility and boosts fertility in women
  9. Helps strengthen and improve memory because it contains vitamin B12 in abundance

Damage to the sheep's liver:

-Its damage comes to people who eat the liver frequently, i.e. there is nothing wrong with eating it from time to time, such as eating it once a month or two.
  1. Frequent liver eating may cause gout because it contains uric acid
  2. It is not recommended to take it frequently for people with heart disease, stress and diabetes because it contains many cholesterol
  3. It contains a lot of vitamin A, which causes hyperactivity or increased blood with anorexia, vomiting and headaches and may cause seriousness to the nervous system, skin and liver.
  4. The liver contains very large amounts of vitamin A so pregnant women should avoid the liver in the first 3 months of pregnancy for fear of fetal abnormalities
-I.e. it is not recommended to be taken for people with excessive or high levels of vitamin A in the blood
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