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Benefits and harm of rosemary

Benefits and harm of rosemary

This herb belongs to the mint family, which includes thyme, lavender and basil and is found in the Mediterranean sea wildly and can be grown at home in a moderately heated place, known rosemary for a long time and used in many stables and has a distinctive and very delicious taste, and has the characteristic of preserving food from damage and corruption (meat in particular) because of its antioxidants and antifungal substances and viruses.

  1. A good source of rich vitamins (F,A,W,B2), minerals such as iron, calcium, fiber, antioxidants
  2. The whole herb is often dried and crushed and then used as a seasoning, but tea and oil are extracted from fresh leaves
  3. Massage of the joints and limbs with rosemary oil relaxes and relieves pain, nourishes and strengthens the hair and gives it a distinctive shine
  4. Care should be taken when greasing rosemary oil has toxic effects on wounds
  5. One of its most important benefits is its great ability to strengthen memory and prevent Alzheimer's and it is an effective antidepressant
  6. Vitamins and antioxidants fight the formation of cancer-causing free radicals
  7. Recent studies have proven its ability to fight and treat colon cancer, prostate cancer , breast cancer, leukemia and skin
  8. Treats digestive disorders FMO absorbs food and improves digestion thanks to its fiber
  9. Keeps your breathing healthy and fights throat infections and nasal congestion is a good medicine for asthma and also cleans the lungs
  10. Rosemary tea relieves migraine headaches and also prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys, bladder and gallbladder
  11. Warns people with epilepsy and blood pressure not to take it
  12. It is preferable to moderate its quantity in a dreamer woman as the excess amount irritates the stomach and intestines

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