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Benefits of aloe vera for face, oily skin and acne

Benefits of aloe vera for face, oily skin and acne

Benefits of aloe vera for the face aloe vera differs from the aloe plant in shape, benefit and even by the Latin name, aloe is a stem plant with fresh green leaves that has been used in traditional home remedies for hundreds of years .

Studies today have shown its ability as an antibacterial, viral, fungal and inflammatory agent.Contains a lot of minerals and vitamins

 It is therefore used to treat skin diseases, and in the cosmetic industry, as body washes, shampoos and some creams .

Aloe vera oil

  • Significantly helps to restore wounds and scars, improve the freshness of the skin .
  • It is a quick natural moisturizer, thanks to its speed to penetrate the skin deeply, it is the best for skin rejuvenation .
  • Helps improve the functioning of the digestive system, stabilizes blood circulation .

Gel patience

  • The gel inside the leaves green, it is odorless and tasteless .
  • It is a remedy for acne, skin aging, sunburn, so it enters into the composition of a lot of cosmetic preparations .
  • Contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins with other nutrient compounds that raise the energy levels generated to produce new cells in the human body .

Aloe vera juice

  • This juice is produced from the outer green parts of the Leaf with the pulp, and take it as a natural drink .
  • It is a juice rich in fiber and nutrients that help support cell restoration processes .
  • Helps in cases of constipation, lowering the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood .

Instructions for side effects 

  • Some side effects may occur if ingested in large amounts of diarrhea and cramps .
  • When any side effects occur, it should be avoided for a year, aloe vera should be used only for self-medication purposes after consulting a doctor .

Pharmacological interventions

  • If you are taking pills, you should consult your doctor before using aloe vera supplements .
  • Especially diabetes drugs, heart drugs, steroids, laxatives and even with plant sweat mite .

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