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Benefits of anise to the human body

Benefits of anise to the human body

The benefits of anise are very great it is considered a herbaceous plant belonging to the carrot family and is known all over the world and used as a medicinal herb, Anise was mentioned in ancient Egyptian medical texts as a diuretic herb and treats digestive problems and toothache, as pointed out in Greek history that anise helped solve breathing problems , 

What are the benefits of anise?

  • The anise seeds are a rich source of minerals like iron , magnesium , calcium , manganese , zinc , potassium, copper,
  • These minerals are essential for heart ailments , bone , blood health and your body needs to convert food into energy
  • Contains the vitamin B package contained in anise essential for general body health, especially the brain
  • Anise contains certain compounds that have a calming effect and this is what most distinguishes it
  • Applying a paste of anise seeds on the neck and forehead will help relieve headaches and migraines
  • It's also used to treat wheat and scabies.
  • Anise is used to treat respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and severe cough
  • Gargling tea made from anise seeds helps relieve throat and throat infections
  • Anise seeds help reduce bloating and abdominal colic
  • It also helps nursing mothers to produce milk
  • It is considered a strong appetizer and stimulates food intake
  • Improves digestion and relieves nausea and convulsions
  • Anise is very widely used as a seasoning as it is used in the manufacture of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, enters into dairy products , gelatin and sweets
  • Anise is added to licorice sweets and liquorice drinks
  • Essential oil is used medically in perfumes, soaps , and creams
  • Anise seeds help with problems of infertility and childlessness

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