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Benefits of bananas for sex in men and women

Benefits of bananas for sex in men and women

The benefits of bananas for sex is not just public talk , this famous fruit has a positive effect on the activity of sexual organs, besides its beautiful shape, it has emerged that this bright yellow tropical fruit is a super food for a man as it improves his sexual performance.

Banana, a storehouse of nutrients and energy, not only improves mood, but also increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, improves performance in a marital bed.

Health benefits of bananas

Bananas contain a high content of potassium which is good for the heart and nerves, the tryptophan contained in bananas, also improves mood and serves as a mild sedative.

- Bananas are rich in magnesium and manganese, and most men suffer from a lack of these two minerals necessary for the integrity of the prostate and its full functioning.

 Does bananas improve a man's sexual performance?

Known for its enhanced properties of sexual function and performance, banana is rich in bromelain and vitamin B as both have been shown to be an effective regulator of the sex hormone that increases libido, sexual performance, and fertility overall.

Bananas and fertility

- Eating a banana a few hours before sexual contact between the couple, it is a wonderful energy source and gives a lot of strength during intense exercise, eating a banana improves mood, increases oxygen flow, and with the support of bromelain will increase libido.

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