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Benefits of bananas for skin, blood and hair

Benefits of bananas for skin, blood and hair

Benefits of bananas many this delicious tropical fruit differs on the origin of its existence some say Malaysia and others Australia and despite any differences it is a valuable and delicious fruit and is one of the most important crops because it carries nutritional values and economic benefit as it is available throughout the year people accept them in abundance they are the best sources of natural energy:

What are the benefits of bananas?

  • Bananas are a source of natural energy so they are eaten by athletes as they provide the body with great thermal energy .
  • Contains a range of vitamins (B6, A , C, T) and minerals ( potassium iron magnesium manganese ) protein , fiber, food, oils and credit.
  • The ripe fruits of it are effective in intestinal disorders treat stomach ulcers, soften them and reduce the effect of acidity in them
  • Contributes to the production of erythrocytes for their vitamin B6 content
  • Its lack of sorium, fat and cholesterol increases the heart's immunity to diseases and clots, regulates its strokes and also lowers blood pressure
  • Its potassium content makes it one of the richest useful substances for children as bananas play an important role in feeding the brain and increasing its activity
  • It also reduces the risk of leukemia in the first years of life
  • Fights free radicals that form crabs
  • Removes traces of acne, helps eliminate skin pigmentation, opens it and fights wrinkles
  • It has a moisturizing effect on the hair, nourishes it and increases its length
  • Squeeze bananas with fruits is considered a nutritious drink especially for children
  • It is also an essential ingredient in fruit salads and some desserts
  • It is made from bananas after drying and crushing delicious bread

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