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Benefits of camel milk for children and skin

Benefits of camel milk for children and skin

The benefits of nuq milk are naturally of interest to many, especially in the Gulf region, where the consumption of camel milk is widespread in the Middle East and North Africa as it is a mostly desert region, where camels live in numbers, and the population there used to eat camel milk for thousands of years.

Recently, however, it has become popular in both the United States and Australia, due to its many benefits that make it a super drink than other types of milk.

A glass of camel milk( 8 ounces) contains only 110 calories and 4.5 g of fat, compared to 150 calories and 8 g of fat in a glass of cow's milk.

Camel milk is significantly rich in vitamin B3, iron, and vitamin C more than cow's milk, and less containing lactose, so people who do not tolerate drinking cow's milk, have no problem digesting camel milk.

What are the benefits of camel milk man

1. One study found that camel milk can play an important role in relieving stress and make children who suffer from autism spectrum.

The study used cow's milk as a camouflaged drink, given to autistic children and normal children with digestion problems.

In fact, the study acknowledged that some children had problems with lactose, or an allergy to milk. Giving them less lactose-containing milk would improve their behavior, she noted.

2. Camel milk is prescribed as a treatment for a large number of diseases starting with Crohn's disease ( a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. And appears in the form of ulcers) to the disease of hepatitis and diabetes.

I also found a study conducted among patients with diabetes of the first type that received 500 ml camel milk in addition to diet, exercise answers, it was observed a general decrease in blood glucose and insulin levels compared to patients who followed a diet with exercises answers. Some of them are completely abandoned the need for insulin.

3. Camel milk is useful for beauty care, it is rich in ingredients that the skin loves, such as alpha-hydroxy acid, vitamins, which make the skin soft and soft.

4. Boosts immunity

Camel milk contains many immune-boosting substances such as those found in breast milk, and can be an effective source of breast milk for this reason.

It contains elevated levels of immunoglobulin inhibitor globulin or immunomodulating blood proteins, and useful enzymes such as lysozyme and lactoperoxidase that are useful for the body in resisting injuries.

5. For heart and blood health

The monounsaturated fats (especially oleic acid) contained in camel milk give it the same advantages as olive oil.

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