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Benefits of carrot, apple and lemon juice

Benefits of carrot, apple and lemon juice

The benefits of carrot and apple juice are many and very great, because the inclusion of vegetables and fruits in your diet supports cardiovascular health, helps protect against certain types of cancer, and helps in weight control.

Juice is a quick and easy way to eat daily fruit and vegetables at once, and carrot and apple juice is an ideal choice because of its rich content of nutrients.

Carrot and apple juice includes washed carrots, sweet apples, without peeling carrots or apples because it has a lot of nutritional benefit.

One cup of juice needs 4 carrots and one large apple, and if you want a sweet taste can use red apples, try using a juicer that does not get rid of the pulp until the nutritional value is fully utilized.

Benefits of carrot and apple juice

1. Calories, fat and cholesterol

While one cup of juice seems like a small amount, it contains a lot of nutrients, it contains 241 calories ( only 12% of the 2,000 calories allocated per day)

  • Try to drink juice as part of a meal, is more than a drink next to a full meal
  • A glass of juice contains only 1 g of fat, and less than 0.1 g of saturated fat
  • The Juice Cup does not contain any cholesterol

Knowing that the prescribed and permitted daily healthy amount of these ingredients is 44g of fat, 16g of saturated fat and 300mg of cholesterol.

2. Carbohydrates, dietary fiber and protein

There are 63g of carbohydrates in each cup of carrot and apple juice, which is a satisfactory amount depending on the healthy amount of 225g, and carbohydrates are a source of energy during the day, while the dietary fiber contained in the cup of juice of 13.4 g maintains the feeling of fullness and slows digestion, and promotes healthy digestion

Women need a healthy amount of fiber between 22-28g, and men's healthy amount is between 28-34g per day.

Each glass of carrot and apple juice contains 3g of protein ( 7% of the 46g required daily for women and about 5% of the 56g required for men)

3. Vitamins and minerals

A glass of carrot and apple juice contains 1,311 mg of potassium, which is almost three times more than the required daily amount, 168 mg of sodium, and 46,000 units of vitamin A, which is 4 times more than the required daily amount.

 Potassium keeps nerves and heart healthy, and vitamin A supports the health of the eyes, bones, skin and teeth. Sodium also keeps the heart healthy.

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