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Benefits of chamomile for cough, insomnia and asthma

Benefits of chamomile for cough, insomnia and asthma

An ancient medicinal herb that was known and used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs and Romans, and it is believed that its first presence was a chamomile requiring a special set of conditions to grow and there are chamomile in many countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Egypt and others and chamomile many species, the most famous of which is German chamomile and Roman chamomile as well as contains many effective compounds, and the popularity of this herb returns to its remote use in alternative medicine where it was considered one of the most famous herbs Effectiveness in the treatment of fever, colds and stomach disorders.

What are the benefits of chamomile?

  • It was widely used in the Middle Ages in the treatment of certain diseases such as colic, fever, nausea ,infections and children's diseases
  • Recent studies have proven many traditional uses of chamomile
  • The chamomile tea is used to relieve back pain and problems with rheumatism
  • The active substances it contains help treat skin problems such as pimples, rashes, wounds and ulcers
  • Relieves morning sickness during pregnancy
  • The herb is considered effective in relieving abdominal cramps , stomach diseases and colds
  • Inhalation of chamomile decoction steam helps relieve the symptoms of asthma and severe cough
  • Chamomile relaxes nerves, helps relax, relieves insomnia and headaches.
  • Helps in digestion when you drink chamomile tea after meals
  • Enters in the composition of some cosmetic products such as soap , face wash creams and moisturizers, where he keeps skin moist and soft
  • Used to lighten hair and give it shine and health
  • Many ladies dry it summer so that it is used as a winter medicinal herb it strengthens the liver and helps people with diabetes
  • When preparing chamomile tea add chamomile to boiling water and warn against boiling the herb with water.

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