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Benefits of cinnamon oil for men and women

Benefits of cinnamon oil for men and women

The benefits of cinnamon oil enhance the desire in men according to studies and research, and it is known that the benefits of cinnamon contribute to the correction of erectile dysfunction, increase sperm numbers, and stabilize blood sugar to make intimate contact more pleasant.

Studies have shown that cinnamon can reduce triglycerides by 30%, lower bad cholesterol by 27%, and is a natural anti-inflammatory that fights cancer, heart disease, and brain function.

 According to researchers, the list of benefits of cinnamon goes on, especially cinnamon oil is a powerful antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, and antiviral properties, which makes it ideal and useful for improving immunity.

Cinnamon oil for health

Cinnamon is as effective in enhancing desire in men as in women.

When the blood sugar level rises in some people begin to suffer from problems such as erectile dysfunction, loss of desire, dwindling sperm numbers, because high sugar hinders the blood supply needed for the genitals, which leads to erectile dysfunction or other problems.

Cinnamon has the ability to reduce high blood sugar, and when levels return to normal it will enable a good married life.

Cinnamon for heart health

According to a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Diabetes Technology Society, that cinnamon oil relieves triglycerides harmful in the blood by 30% and LDL cholesterol bad by 27%, as the accumulation of these lipids in the blood, arteries, considered one of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease.

The antioxidants contained in cinnamon have anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce the problems of exposure to heart disease, cancer, and many others, and the researchers were able to identify more than 7 types of flavonoids in cinnamon alone and their effect is significant in resisting dangerous levels of inflammation in the body.

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