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Benefits of cotton oil for the body and its harm

Benefits of cotton oil for the body and its harm

 Benefits of cotton oil the health benefits of cotton oil, is very little known, it is very widespread and few people use it in their kitchens, so we will look at this oil, which is classified among vegetable oils, and compare it with other oils available, such as ginger oil .

- Needs a good amount of antioxidants plus vitamin E to resist free radicals.

It would be a good option to use this oil alternately with a range of other oils (calcanola and others)

 Advantages and disadvantages of cotton seed oil

1. Advantages

- Low cholesterol.

- Needs a good amount of vitamin E

- Carries antioxidant properties

- Cheap.

2. Defects and damage

- High in saturated fat, which is unhealthy.

- Contains a large amount of wood pesticides necessary for the growth of cotton seeds.

- There's a high risk of allergies.

When compared, we find that the cons of cotton seed oil more than its pros, so you should pay close attention and initiative to change the oil used at home, and choose the best type, aimed at maintaining the health of family members

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