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Benefits of eggs for men and women

Benefits of eggs for men and women

The benefits of eggs are known which is a symbol of fertility in most ancient peoples since the beginning of history, and it is believed that eggs contain the ultimate gift of fertility of manhood, and represent the rebirth of a new, long life .

In Iran, for example, the newlyweds exchange eggs, in France in the 17th century the bride breaks an egg when entering her new home, in Egypt the eggs are hung in temples to encourage fertility, and in the Sino-Indian border region if a woman presents an egg to a man it is considered as a marriage proposal،

Colored eggs were also considered to be full of strength, as they were moved between the lips of women to help them confirm pregnancy, and everywhere around the world, eggs had an association with birth and regeneration.

Eggs were known as one of the first major foods, and Guy in 3200 BC in India where the jingle was domesticated, and it was recorded in China and Egypt in 1400 BC that this bird was domesticated and laid eggs for human consumption, and some traces have shown that the consumption of eggs dates back to the Stone Age.

 The secret in eggs

  1. Containing one egg on 13 ingredients essential in different quantities contain a large amount of protein, choline, folate, and iron, calcium and zinc, and only 75 calories.
  2. In conjunction with improving health, eggs play a role in controlling weight, muscle strength, healthy load, brain function, eye health and more.
  3. Eggs are the perfect blend of amino acids needed to build tissues, and vitamin E helps balance stress.
  4. Zinc in eggs is beneficial for blood flow, and is one of the reasons eggs are a great food for Reproductive Health.
  5. Believe chicken eggs are the most common and consumed, in addition to caviar, which is white originally and has the same benefits. It can be eaten as a snack with quail eggs before intimate contact, to get a double amount of benefits.

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