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Benefits of fruits and vegetables according to their diverse colors

Benefits of fruits and vegetables according to their diverse colors

The benefits of fruits and vegetables according to their colors is a new science in itself, and colors in plants are known as phytochemicals, which are compounds found in plants ( apart from vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients) and have beneficial effects on the body.

There are about 30 thousand phytonutrients, they protect trillions of cells in diseases, some of them have antioxidant properties, others enhance immunity and have anti-inflammatory effects, viruses and bacteria, and help repair cell damage.

Phytonutrients are found in more colorful vegetables and fruits, and tea, chocolate, nuts, flaxseed, and olive oil are rich sources of phytonutrients.

- Phytonutrients in colors, eat a rainbow.

You must have heard of eating rainbow, and getting phytonutrients is the number one reason for that.

Eating vegetables and fruits of all colors allows you to get the best nutrients, and as varied as the colors are, the health benefits vary, for example lycopene in tomatoes and pink grapefruit, anthocyanins in berries, and flavonoids in chocolate, all models of beneficial phytonutrients that perform different functions.

There are 5 colors of phytonutrients and each function according to their color.

- Red.

Apples, watermelons, berries, turnips, cherries and grapefruit, all support prostate health, urinary tract and DNA, protect against cancer, heart disease

- Purple.

Eggplant, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, these plants are good for heart health, brain, bones, arteries, and digestion

- Green.

Kiwi, Avocado, cantaloupe, broccoli, spinach.

Supports eye health, arterial function, liver and cell health

- White.

Onions, mushrooms, pears, they support bone health, blood circulation, and resist heart disease and cancer

- Yellow and orange

Pumpkin, carrots, peaches, peaches, pineapples, papaya, supports healthy growth, develops and supports eye health

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