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Benefits of goat milk for children and infants

Benefits of goat milk for children and infants

Benefits of goat's milk while cow's milk continues to be the most preferred milk among the world's population, it should be noted that it is also the main cause of suffering from gases, bloating and indigestion.

So the trend can be to consume goat's milk, especially since it is raw, organic and very useful.

Goat's milk accounts for about 2% of the world's milk sources, and it can be observed that people who drink it suffer less from allergies and digestion problems.

Benefits of goat's milk

1. Protection from infections

Researchers have proven that goat's milk helps relieve inflammation in the body. This is one of the main reasons why most people who drink goat's milk suffer less from intestinal infections.

2. More like Mother's milk.

One of the advantages of goat's milk is that it is closer to Mother's milk than to cow's milk, because it contains chemicals that make it similar to human milk, and easier to digest.

3. Rich in fatty acids

It should be noted that cow's milk contains only about 17% fatty acid compared to 35% in goat's milk, making the latter better digested and more nutritious.

It can be noted that 50% of people with lactose sensitivity in cow's milk find it easier to digest goat's milk, especially when it is raw.

4. Rich in calcium

Most people tend to worry when they need to consume more cow's milk because of the need for calcium to protect bones, however, goat's milk provides a large amount of calcium, in addition to the amino acid tryptophan.

5. Nourishes the body

Goats in the natural medium are known as sodium bioregulatory animals, and they are also associated with vitality, while cows are known as calcium animals, which are heavy-moving.

Bioorganic sodium is known as an important ingredient that helps joints stay active and agile, and provides more activity during the day.

Goat's milk is used for medicinal purposes to nourish and replenish the nervous system when stressed by anxiety.

Goat's milk is also rich in many useful nutrients that help maintain the human body, and when you drink one cup of this milk in the morning the body gets 35% of the Daily required amount of calcium, and it is rich in riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin B12, protein and potassium.

6. Less toxic

Cow's milk is filled with bovine growth hormones in addition to a substance called bovine somatotropin, a hormone that helps increase milk production in an abnormal way, in contrast, goat's milk rarely contains these substances, so it is better and the degree of toxins in it is less.

7. Boosts the immune system

Goat's milk contains a trace mineral called selenium which is an essential mineral to make sure the immune system stays strong and functions normally.

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