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Benefits of goji berries

Benefits of goji berries

Goji berry or koji or as wolfberry, in China it is called Happy Berry, and has high energies.

In Chinese medicine, koji berries are administered to strengthen the adrenal system, which is believed to be the center of sexual energy.

This plant has found its way in the rule and ancient Chinese proverbs, which warn men to leave their beloved and one of them says that a man who is 1000 km from his home, should not eat koji berries.

Medical research has proven that Koji berries

  • Helps lower bad cholesterol
  • The possibility of treating metabolic syndrome, the sign of erectile dysfunction.
  • Contains the highest content of all fruits of beta-carotene, which is useful for cleaning the body from free radicals .
  • It is demanded by food health professionals because it helps to appear and feel more young.

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