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Benefits of Japanese matcha tea

Benefits of Japanese matcha tea

We've all heard the saying "Tell me what to eat less for you than you", but more importantly, not what you eat, but what absorbs your digestive system, and matcha tea is the perfect solution to fight overeating and drink during this holiday season by offering the high-end healthy Japanese matcha tea, which nutritionists call absolutely superfood.

In ancient times, tea was first used as a medicine for the treatment of diseases, and extensive recent research has provided much evidence to support this ancient tradition. Tea does not contain sodium, grease, carbon or sugar, and tea contains flavonoids, which are natural compounds believed to contain antioxidant properties.

Matcha, which in Japanese means "power tea", contains nutrients equivalent to 10 cups of plain green tea. Made from green tea leaves, matcha comes in the form of a fine powder center, making it one of the most exotic and versatile teas in use at the same time.

Marina Zbindin, founding partner of Avancha Fine Tea Trade in the UNITED Arab Emirates, said, "Matcha is the perfect solution for new year detox decisions because it is made of high-quality tea, you eat each paper in powder form and it has more nutritious substances than soaked green tea, it is sugar-free and contains less than three calories per cup."

"In addition to vitamins and minerals, matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and has been used in ancient Oriental medicine for generations to help digestion, raise mental capacity and more."

Matcha contains healthy caffeine because it helps to give a sense of alertness and comfort at the same time because it contains the natural ethylene substance that is relaxing.

Types of matcha

There are two types of matcha tea, both certified organic products available through its online store, "Festive", which is considered the best of all and should be eaten alone, while the second type "cocktail" is ideal for blending with other flavors and is used in pastries, smoothies and other beverages.

The exclusive festive type of matcha tea is sold at a high price because of the method of planting it, which needs intensive labor, while covering the planting with cloth before harvest, giving it an excellent flavor that distinguishes it from other cheaper types of matcha tea.

"The most important thing to consider about matcha tea is that the best type is worth the price as the lower quality matcha tea is herbal or more bitter in taste, while the higher type is sweeter and smoother with a thick texture," said Marcos Zbidin, founding partner of Avancha.

Add hot water, not boil, to matcha powder and then stir vigorously with a cane brush until the foam appears and then drink tea directly from the cup in which it was prepared and enjoy it with small sprays.

For the festive type of matcha tea, Avancha uses tea leaves originating in kagoshima region in southern Japan, where the best types of matcha tea leaf grow, the cocktail comes from the Kyoto region or Nara in Japan, and the company works with organic producers with a good reputation for growing matcha tea.

Both types of matcha tea are available through the Avancha online store with 30 grams of tin cans and the cocktail type is available in a 200g resealable bag.

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