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Benefits of lavender for hair and skin

Benefits of lavender for hair and skin

The benefits of lavender from nature's very useful plants, some may use it, but without knowing its huge benefits in many areas, we will show here what the advantages and recipes of this wonderful plant.

1. Anxiety and stress

There are several ways to use lavender to calm stress and anxiety, the data of natural organic existing in the leaves and flowers these can grind between the fingers then rub the temples, this procedure can rest your body and mind, and want of understanding anxiety and brain. The same effect can be obtained by drinking lavender tea, as its antioxidants affect the endocrine glands to lower the level of stress hormones in the body.

2. Sleep

If there is regular suffering with insomnia, apnea, or patterns of sleep discomfort, it can seriously affect life, but by fermenting several flowers of lavender in hot water, and eating them can enjoy sleep, as this method has been following for thousands of years, therefore related to the influence of flowers on the nervous system and its purification from negative thoughts

3. Anti-inflammatory

Everyone is looking for a reliable way to soothe the body and mind, and lavender takes care of both aspects in the case of adding its flowers to the bathing water and soak the body, where their anti-inflammatory components help to relieve inflammation in the body and weaken their effect on the muscles.

4. Skin care

For skin care, a spray bottle can be filled with lavender flowers, and when the body is exposed to dryness or redness, simply spray some of the package on the affected area and enjoy a quick cooling, and this application can be used in chronic conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and even acne.

5. Ability to purge

Many people turn to lavender for aromatherapy and analgesia, its effect on injuries is amazing, and some grind lavender leaves on wounds not only to speed their healing, but also to reduce complications in these areas.

6. For hair health

In the case of hair loss and other conditions that affect the health of the hair, you can use a shampoo containing lavender, and the best way is to soak lavender flowers with water as in the preparation of tea and grease the hair, this promotes the health of the hair roots.

7. For the heart.

The soothing properties of lavender come from its organic compounds and antioxidants that help the heart by lowering blood pressure and facilitating aneurysm, protecting against atherosclerosis and other heart diseases, thereby reducing the chance of strokes and strokes.

8. Digestion and bloating

Velophenol in Lavender plays an important role in affecting the body, including aging, and protects against the development of harmful bacteria in the digestive system, preventing the formation of gases and relaxing the stomach.

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