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Benefits of lentils for sugar, pressure and anemia

Benefits of lentils for sugar, pressure and anemia

The benefits of lentils amazing it is considered a family of legumes love round shape small has several types and colors back in origin of the Middle East or Asia, and the types of lentils are (crushed or red brown or raw, gray green and yellow), described as easy to prepare and make it dishes several delicious and useful the most famous.

What are the benefits of many?

  • Lentils contain dietary fiber, fat-free protein, folic acid, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins and folate
  • Although it contains all those nutrients, it is low in calories and feels full and digestible
  • Iron which helps in the process of moving oxygen throughout the body and is the main factor that increases the body's energy
  • Phosphorus and calcium strengthen the bones and enhance their calcification, which helps to grow
  • High iron content treats and protects against anemia
  •  Stabilizes and balances blood sugar
  • Protects the heart and avoids the risk of several diseases it lowers cholesterol in the blood
  • Folate and potassium also help maintain heart health as well
  •  Lentils contain insoluble fibers that help maintain digestive health and prevent chronic constipation and its disorders
  • Lentils fight the formation of cancers, especially prostate cancer

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