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Benefits of lettuce. For diet, constipation and nerves.

Benefits of lettuce. For diet, constipation and nerves.

The benefits of lettuce for diet is one of the most important and oldest family of leafy vegetables known to mankind was considered a symbol of fertility and development where archaeologists noted the association of the presence of lettuce with the statue of the reproductive gods in the Egyptians, has many types such as ordinary lettuce and, American lettuce or Frankish and red lettuce, and the whole lettuce leaves are eaten especially green from them and exclude the land and damage parts.

What are the benefits of lettuce Reggie them?

  • Green lettuce leaves are full of chlorophyll which helps absorb odors from the body especially onions and garlic
  • Lettuce leaves should be washed separately and then soaked with water and citric acid or vinegar to sterilize them well and leave for a quarter of an hour
  •  Recent research has confirmed that lettuce has soothing and soothing properties to contain fatty, protein, minerals, vitamins and others
  • Contains lettuce on a high percentage of water about 90% of its composition, which helps in hydrating the body and diuresis special interests sand urinary
  • Cellulose fiber helps the intestines in digestion lettuce is an excellent treatment for chronic constipation
  • Lettuce modifies the work of the thyroid gland, which reduces the cases of insomnia and nervousness in them because of the presence of vitamin A
  • It is said that the Romans used it as a smoke in battles because of its soothing properties, as the substance of tralius has strong effects in tempering nerves and tension
  • Very few calories and feels full because of the fiber it contains, it is an important and effective element in the diet
  • Very useful for pregnant women and the fetus did not carry his vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus,
  •  Lettuce seed oil is essential to strengthen hair roots and it is good to eat lettuce for those who suffer from hair loss
  • Lettuce enters the composition of moisturizing and nourishing skin creams
  • Finally, despite its enormous benefits, care must be taken and washed well as lettuce transmits several diseases such as typhoid

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