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Benefits of lettuce in men and pregnant

Benefits of lettuce in men and pregnant

The benefits of lettuce are great and valuable for health, it is one of the low-calorie vegetables in every 100g of fresh green lettuce leaves there are only 15 calories, it also contains good amounts of vitamin A and K.

But one of the most important benefits for fertility is that in addition to keeping the fetus healthy, folate in lettuce helps increase fertility.

Health benefits of lettuce

1. Protects against cancer

According to U.S. cancer research centers, vitamin-rich foods with lettuce containing A and C can help prevent certain types of cancer, and lettuce contains all the vitamins.

2. Provide nutrients during pregnancy and lactation

Folic acid in lettuce helps protect against anemia during pregnancy, and has been shown by a series of experiments on mothers who eat lettuce that show they do not have normal anemia.

Eating lettuce also has a major effect on progesterone secretion, and eating it with spinach, beans or cowpeas, and broccoli increases folic acid or vitamin B, as it requires a maximum of 300-500 mg of this vitamin during the last trimester of pregnancy, and its deficiency causes megaloblastic anemia.

3. Soothes excitement 

Research at the University of California showed that a series of experiments showed the calming effect of lettuce on desire, and its powerful effect in increasing fertility, despite these different results, lettuce is needed to help men with premature ejaculation.

4. Improves fertility

Fresh lettuce contains folate and vitamin C, folate helps maintain a healthy fetus during pregnancy to relieve any complications, which helps improve the reproductive health of men and women, thus folate helps increase fertility, while vitamin C contributes to strengthening the immune system, and resistance to infections.

5. Helps protect against age-related macular degeneration

Lettuce contains zeaxanthin that helps improve eyesight, which is absorbed by the retina's yellow macula, zeaxanthin has antioxidant properties, and also helps protect against eye water, and the flavonoids contained in it help protect against lung and mouth cancer.

6. Strengthens bones

Lettuce, GTI with vitamin K that contributes to strengthening bones by increasing activity, increasing the volume of bone mass helps protect against fragility, and vitamin K relieves brain damage and thus in protecting against Alzheimer's disease.

7. Maintain weight

Lettuce is very useful for reggae because it is low in calories, it is rich in water, hydrates the body, and contains fiber that helps digestion, giving a feeling of satiety for longer

8. Protects against birth defects

Lettuce is rich in folic acid known for its contribution to protection against birth defects in early pregnancy, and also protects against anemia.

9. Fights insomnia

Eating lettuce helps fight fatigue because it contains a sleep-inducing substance called lactucarium, which acts as a mild hypnotic substance found in all types of lettuce.

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