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Benefits of liver-friendly beans

Benefits of liver-friendly beans

 The benefits of beans are many, so beans are considered

Present in most of the world's kitchens beans or beans are considered famous summer crops known around the world, and are from the legume family to which the beans belong soybeans and others, consume beans green and when dry turns yellow and use the grains inside them and eaten boiled, cooked as they enter in the preparation of some salads, and have a red or white color.

Benefits of beans:

  1. Beans are a protein-filled nutritional force, fiber, vitamin B, iron and potassium and contain low levels of fat and calories.
  2.  Beans contain vitamins, minerals (iron, copper, magnesium, calcium potassium) bertinate and omega-3 fatty acids
  3. Very good and useful for bones and for the health of the human body as it is a natural source of vitamins that build the body and bones
  4. Beans strengthen bone tissue because it contains vitamin K, which increases bone tissue cell activity and stabilizes calcium in bones
  5. Beans offer the body fiber that plays an important role in controlling cholesterol levels in the body
  6. Has an important role in the diets of obese people who want to lose weight
  7. Beans ward off hunger for longer and give the body a steady supply of energy
  8. It also feels full and full for longer and faster as it is rich in fiber and low in calories
  9. Protects the heart from serious diseases
  10. Reduce the risk of multiple types of cancers
  11.  Beans are excellent food for diabetics, providing parallels between complex carbohydrates and protein.
  12. It is a constant and slow source of glucose production and protects the body from the consequences of sudden increase that can occur after eating simple carbohydrates
  13. Green beans in particular reduce blood sugar in the body
  14.  Its high concentration of vitamins supports body immunity, helps it grow and facilitates digestion.
  15. Activates liver function and maintains health

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