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Benefits of marjoram.. for women and hair

Benefits of marjoram.. for women and hair

The benefits of marjoram, which is considered a herb with green leaves belonging to the mint family, which dates back in its origin to Egypt and the country of the Hijaz and mentioned in many ancient cultures and has been popular with Egyptians in the treatment of insomnia , depression and convulsions , has been considered a symbol of peace and happiness when the Greeks has a

What are the benefits of marjoram for?

  • Used in skin creams, body wash, shaving paste and bath soap
  • However marjoram is used (oil , powder , fresh or dried) its health benefits are varied
  • It grows in all the Mediterranean countries and the southern part of Europe
  • Marjoram leaves are used before flowering and dried in a room or on balconies after which we have the option to keep them intact or crushed as a powder
  • Marjoram is a powerful antiseptic and anti-crime, it fights viruses and protects the body from various diseases such as influenza , colds, malaria
  • Adding This herb to healthy diets is essential as it is full of antioxidants vitamins minerals salts and others
  • Helps reduce the risk of cancer as it fights free radical formation
  • Very good in cases of asthma , sinus, fever and migraine pain
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body and maintains cardiovascular health
  • Marjoram oil is one of the most important relaxing oils for muscles, especially in cases of strong spasm and after exercise
  • Supports the health of the nervous system as it nourishes and strengthens the nerves
  • Works on the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract where it eliminates flatulence and works to soothe the stomach and disorders

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